2015 Race Schedule

The race schedule for Kyle and Clayton Weatherman in the ARCA Racing Series for 2015. ARCA rules prohibit drivers under the age of 18 to compete on super speedways like Daytona and Talladega, therefore both drivers race a partial schedule.


Date Location Series Driver(s)
02/14/15 Daytona Beach, FL ARCA Did not compete
03/14/14 Mobile, AL ARCA  Kyle 5th
04/11/15 Nashville, TN ARCA  Kyle 5th
4/26/15 Salem, IN ARCA  Kyle 2nd, Clayton 8th
5/1/15 Talledega, AL ARCA  Did not compete
5/17/15 Toledo, OH ARCA  Kyle 5th
5/24/15 Millville, NJ ARCA  Kyle 1st
6/6/15 Pocono, PA ARCA  Did not compete
6/12/15 Brooklyn, MI ARCA  Did not compete
6/20/15 Joliet, IL ARCA  Did not compete
6/28/15 Winchester, IN ARCA  Kyle 4th, Clayton 11th
7/17/15 Newton, IA ARCA  Kyle 2nd
7/24/15 Brownsville, IN ARCA  Kyle 7th, Clayton 15th
8/1/15 Pocono, PA ARCA  Kyle 31st
8/8/15 Berlin, MI ARCA  Kyle 7th
8/23/15 Illinois State Fair ARCA  Kyle 2nd
9/7/15 DuQuin, IL ARCA  Kyle 2nd
9/19/15 Salem, IN ARCA  Kyle 11th
9/25/15 Sparta, KY ARCA  Kyle 7th
10/16/15 Kansas City, KS ARCA  Kyle 2nd

*this schedule is subject to change

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